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Tractor Trailer Accident

Client was a pedestrian that was struck from behind by a tractor


Tractor Trailer Accident

Client was trying to avoid an overturned tractor trailer and was struck by another tractor trailer driving too close.


Policy Limits Settlement

Client and her daughter was stuck by a vehicle leaving a private driveway which resulted in injuries from the accident.


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Who Are We?

To them it’s business, to us it’s personal.

McCall Law is dedicated to rigorously fighting for the rights of our clients. we believe that we are set apart from other law firms by our commitment and willingness to go above and beyond in our pursuit of favorable outcomes for our clients.

Most of all, at McCall Law, we truly care about our clients. Here, you are not simply a case number, you are a real person facing very real legal obstacles. Attorney Chaquez T. McCall is here to ease these concerns by providing you with the aggressive and uncompromising representation you need and deserve.

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Before becoming our clients, they come to us as people in need. They’ve been hurt. They’ve been accused. Not only is their life changed, but their family’s lives, too. It’s our commitment to each person we represent that we’ll work to set things right. And we’re grateful for every story our clients share about why they trust McCall Law.

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McCall Law is your local Florence personal injury lawyer. We are client-focused and results driven. Call 843-279-8148 for your consultation and start your case.

McCall Law has you covered.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. We are willing to roll up our sleeves and fight to protect your rights. We are a Florence personal injury law firm serving our community by representing injured people and their families. Our law firm is accessible and affordable. We provide full-service coverage to help people receive compensation for their personal injury.

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Personal Injury Attorney in Florence, SC

When you’re hurt in a personal injury accident:

  • You may qualify to receive compensation. But you must act!
  • The amount you may receive may be higher than you think. Remember, the insurance company doesn’t want to pay.
  • Navigating the legal system doesn’t have to be daunting. We give you first-class treatment and make your case a priority.
  • Each case is personal. We prepare your case based on what’s important for your situation.
  • McCall Law is here for you. Chaquez McCall is a lifelong resident of Florence, SC. We’re proud to serve our community.

Knowing what to do following a personal injury isn’t easy. Understanding a complex legal system is hard – especially when you’re suffering from a physical injury. With McCall Law, you have a law firm that takes care of everything. We can represent you in the entire claims process, working to achieve results and giving your case the personal attention you deserve.

Cases We Handle

Car accidents

A car accident happens in an instant, but the effects can last a lifetime. A traffic violation or lapse in judgment can cause serious injuries. As your car accident lawyer, our team investigate the accident to determine the underlying legal fault and the compensation you deserve. Don’t take the insurance company’s word for it or even what law enforcement tells you. A lawyer can determine the basis for a car accident claim and the legal steps needed to achieve results. As your representative, we handle all contact with the insurance company.

Truck accidents

Truck accidents are often high-value claims, but they can be legally complex. Our truck accident lawyer can build the evidence and identify insurance policies that may apply. Our team pursues accident reconstruction and discovery of evidence. We work to value damages, including serious injury compensation, lost income, and pain and suffering. The trucking companies have lawyers working for them – you can have a lawyer representing you.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accident victims need personalized attention and detailed case preparation. A typical motorcycle doesn’t have the same occupant protection that a car or truck has. For that reason, injuries may be serious, including brain injury, broken bones, and road rash. As your motorcycle accident lawyer, Chaquez McCall understands the laws that are specific to riders’ rights. Let our law firm ensure your case is complete.

Wrongful death

At McCall Law, families are treated with respect and dignity. We understand the personal loss that you have endured when you have lost a loved one. A wrongful death may be the result of a motor vehicle accident or other type of injury. It may be because of accidental behavior or the result of intentional harm. The financial recovery you receive can assist you in the future. Let our Florence wrongful death attorney help you understand the state of South Carolina’s wrongful death laws and advocate for your rights and compensation.

Local Lawyer, Personal Approach

McCall Law is your local lawyer with a personalized approach. Chaquez McCall is a lifetime resident of Florence and the founder and CEO of McCall Law. When you choose our law firm, you receive individualized representation from Chaquez McCall in all aspects of your case.

Here are some ways we’re different from other law firms – and how our services can help you:

  • To us, you’re never just a number or a case. You’re a person who we are committed to helping. We understand the mission – providing outstanding legal representation for your injury claim.
  • We’re results driven. Ultimately, what matters to you is your results, so that’s what matters to us, too.
  • Personalized representation. Work personally with Chaquez McCall on all steps of your case. Our team identifies your needs and rights, and then we work on your behalf.
  • Training and experience. Founder Chaquez McCall is a graduate of the North Carolina Central University School of Law, where he was a member of the law review. In his legal studies, he worked extensively at the civil litigation clinic, pursuing small and complex litigation.
  • Free consultation. Think you’re ready to begin? Would you like more information? Start your case with a free consultation. We’ll answer your questions, explore your rights and create a case plan. We can start working on your case today.

These are just some of the reasons to choose McCall Law when you need a Florence personal injury lawyer. We’re willing to roll up our sleeves and fight to protect your rights. Start your case today with your consultation.

Personal Injury and Your Right to Compensation

A personal injury case is a claim for compensation when physical harm occurs and it is someone else’s fault, legally. South Carolina law says that the party who causes an injury should be the one to bear the financial burden. A common legal standard used in injury claims is negligence. That means an injury doesn’t have to be on purpose – even someone who causes an accident through carelessness may be legally responsible.

Most injury claims are based on a duty of care and breach of the duty of care. A person may breach a duty of care by doing something a reasonable, prudent person wouldn’t do – or by failing to do something a reasonable person would do. It’s a determination based on the circumstances. For example, a reasonable person follows traffic laws. Someone who causes an accident by committing a traffic violation may have breached the duty of care.

Fault may not always be clear following an accident. Don’t rule out bringing a case because an insurance company, police officer, or even a friend says that you have no case. Talk to a lawyer. You have rights when you’re hurt in a personal injury accident, and we want to help you get fair treatment and the compensation you deserve.

How Lawyer Chaquez McCall Can Help

Chaquez McCall has deep roots in the Florence, SC community. Following law school, he returned to create McCall Law to serve the community with personal injury representation for individuals and families. Chaquez McCall is a member of the South Carolina Bar Association, the South Carolina Association for Justice, and a Florence City Council Member. He is an Executive Committeeman for the Florence County Democratic Party and a part of the Florence Branch NAACP. This involvement shows his deep commitment to his community. He will put that same commitment to work to represent you in your personal injury case.

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Personal Injury Case FAQs

What do I need to start a personal injury case?

To start your personal injury case, we’ll need the accident report or the insurance claim information. If you have other documentation, proof of damages, or witness information, it can help us get your case off to a fast start. Even if you don’t have these things, we can still help you start your case.

Does it cost anything for a consultation about my personal injury case?

There’s never a fee to consult with McCall Law about your personal injury case. We want to talk with you about your situation and how we can help. For your free consultation, contact our offices.

How do you start a personal injury case?

Most personal injury cases start with filing a claim or a case. A claim may go through an insurance company, or in rare cases, you may directly negotiate with the responsible party. However, it’s often necessary to file a formal case in court to start a personal injury case.

Are there time limits for personal injury compensation?

Yes, there are time limits for claiming personal injury compensation. It’s always best to contact us as soon as you can. Time limits vary in the law based on the type of case.

What is litigation?

When you have a personal injury case, and if you’re reading about personal injury online, you may hear the word litigation. Litigation is the process of a legal claim. It formally resolves the dispute about what the defendant should pay in compensation.

Is it worth hiring a personal injury lawyer?

When you have a personal injury lawyer, you have an advocate with the knowledge and resources to pursue your case. They can evaluate your case and take steps to pursue the best result. Without a lawyer, even a simple error or something you didn’t know can unravel the case. Having a lawyer gives you a professional who knows what to do, and they can even save you time and money by working efficiently.

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McCall Law is your go-to law firm in Florence and Sumter, South Carolina. We provide a variety of personalized legal services for you and your family. When we say “every client matters”, we mean it. At McCall Law, we truly believe that sometimes bad things happen to good people, and we are willing to roll up our sleeves to and fight to protect your rights and to make sure you are fairly treated.

Choosing an attorney is an important decision. We aim to make it stress-free. When you meet us and learn about what we stand for, you’ll know that we are your compassionate, hard-working advocates in your corner. Whether it’s taking on the insurance companies or the justice system, we’re ready.

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